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Eddie and the Cruisers is about a band led by Eddie Wilson that tries to make it big. However, they get a piano player to join their group, and he leads them in a different music direction. Soon after internal band issues tear the group apart. Eddie drives off in a rage when they are turned down for a deal. He then drives his car off of a bridge and supposedly dies. Twenty years later a woman wants to do a newspaper story on Eddie and the Cruisers. She interviews members of the cruisers and pieces together a story about the Cruisers.

The acting in this movie is decent. The guy who plays Eddie Wilson does a good job. However, I think that the rest of the actors in this movie are kind of average.

There is some suspense as the story leads up to the death of Eddie Wilson because you already know it is going to happen. It is interesting to see what leads up to his supposed death. Also, there is a mysterious person who is ransacking the homes of people who were in the Cruisers. They are supposedly looking for the tapes that were made right before Eddie’s death that have mysteriously gone missing. The tapes were checked out the day right after Eddie died. It is suspenseful because you do not know who is stealing the tapes.

Eddie Wilson is a very interesting character. He seems to be like Jim Morrison from the Doors because he is into dark music and is exploring new music territories. He has some personal issues and is a very complicated person. He also dies at a young age like Jim Morrison, who died at the age of twenty seven.

There is a woman in the Cruisers who does not actually have a large part in the group. As far as I can tell she is in the group for sex appeal because all she does is look “tough” in a leather jacket and bang on a tamborine, kind of a pointless job. However, she is a romantic interest for Eddie and the piano player. She causes some tension between Eddie and the piano player when her interests move from Eddie who is kind of an abrasive person to the more sensitive piano player. Maybe Tom Petty was right with his stance on not allowing women into his music group because the woman in the Cruisers seems to be part of what tears the group apart. There is also a woman who is a reporter and is doing a story on the Cruisers. Her angle is that Eddie might still be alive because they never found his body and the tapes went missing the day after Eddie supposedly died.

The music for this movie is great. Quite frankly, the main reason I watched this movie in the first place was for a really good song I heard in this movie, the classic On the Dark Side. There is other good music in this movie as well, though, that might not stand out as much but adds nice atmosphere to the movie. As usual the sound track is made by a small time music group that I can’t even remember the name of. They really didn’t make anything memorable besides the sound tracks for the Eddie and the Cruisers movies.

There is one interesting setting in this movie that is a garbage heap Eddie goes to at the end of the movie. He talks about how he is now one of the many people who tried to do something big but failed and now he is part of the garbage heap along with them.

Eddie and the Cruisers went on to have a sequel that kind of gives away whether Eddie lived or not called “Eddie Lives”. Eddie and Cruisers has some great music and the main character is interesting and well played by the actor, but it is not a movie I will probably see again because it was actually kind of confusing. If there was one thing that dragged this movie down it was the editing. I understand this movie having flash backs but they were not interspersed well with the rest of the movie. At the beginning of the movie I had a difficult time following the story line. I think they put too many interesting elements into the movie, and I usually like movies that are very straight forward with their story style. Eddie and the Cruisers is a decent movie, but I am not a big fan of it.