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Roger Moore is the Bond actor for this movie.

A powerful man has devised a way to capture submarines with a device that allows him to track them. He captures the submarines inside of his ship and plans to use them to destroy large cities in the world, so that he can establish a world beneath the sea. James Bond tries to get the device that has leaked from the powerful villain to another person who is trying to sell it. However, a woman who works for Russia named Agent XXX and one of Bond’s strongest enemies named Jaws get in his way of getting the device. Eventually James Bond and XXX, whose real named is Anya Amasova, work together to bring down the criminal before he destroy the cities with the submarines.

The action in this movie is pretty good. It has an exciting ski chase at the beginning of the movie during which time Bond kills a Russian who had a relationship with the woman he ends up working with. This will be an important plot point later on because the woman vows that she will kill Bond once she finds out that Bond has killed her man. The name the Spy Who Loved Me refers to the Russian the woman was in love with and not actually James Bond, who most people think the title is referring to due to Bond’s reputation with women. James Bond also gets in a fight with a strong guy named Shandor who works for Jaws. James Bond easily defeates Shandor by knocking him off of a building after Shandor has thrown him around a couple of times. James Bond then gets in a couple of fights with the best villain in this movie named Jaws. They have a fight at some ruins in Egypt and on a train. James Bond and Anya are chased by a motorcycle with a rocket side car, a car with a couple of people in it who shoot at them and a helicopter that shoots at them with a machine gun and is driven by a woman who takes Bond and Anya to the ship that belongs to the boss villain named Stromberg. James Bond and some navy people have an exciting final on board Stromberg’s ship during which time they defeat all of the people on Stromberg’s ship and stop the submarines from destroying the cities by instead having them destroy each other. Bond fights the two main villains at the end, Jaws and Stromberg, to save Anya.

There is a funny scene when James Bond and Anya are trying to leave the ruins but Jaws attacks their car. Anya has trouble driving the car and Bond who is currently not on the best of terms with Anya taunts her. It’s funny to see their reactions as Jaws tears their car apart. Bond also has a great one liner when he knocks Shandor off the building when he gets some information from him. Bond calls him a “helpful chap.” Also, Bond and Anya drive an under water car out of the water that surprises some people. The people’s reactions to the car are amusing. It makes you wonder how they got a car to drive out of the water like that. It would be done again in Moonraker only that time it was the inverse with a boat turning into a hover craft. In some ways The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker are very similar to each other. They both have Jaws, both have a crazy villain trying to establish a new world either in the water or outer space and both movies have a vehicle that can drive both on the land and go through the water with funny reactions from people.

Jaws stalking people such as when he chases a man named Fekkesh through some ruins and traps him inside of a tomb before he bites him to death make for some pretty suspenseful scenes. There is also a creepy scene when Jaws lures a man into a phone booth, traps him and kills him with his teeth. Jaws kind of reminds me of a cross between two popular horror villains, Dracula and some kind of slasher such as Michael Myers with his ability to bite people in the neck, his large size and his near invincibility.

Bond in this movie is helped by some navy people who help take over Stromberg’s ship with a fight, break into the control room and prevent the submarines from destroying the cities.

The main Bond woman in this movie is named Anya Amasova. She has a dumb double entendre for an agent name, Agent XXX. However, she is decently attractive. She is able to do some useful things such as destroy an under water ship that is chasing them in their car with a bomb because she stole the blue prints for Bond’s car. She is able to go up against bond and put him to the test with things such as knocking him out with knock out gas from a cigarette. However, she has kind of a flat personality.

The boss villain in this movie is your typical take over the world kind of villain in a Bond movie. He plans to kill many people on land and start a new world under the sea. There is also a big, strong guy named Shandor who puts up a decent fight against Bond until he is knocked off a building. He tries to shoot Bond, but a woman blocks the bullet with her body. Why the woman would do such a thing I do not know. She has not known him for very long and giving up her life to save his seems very improbable. However, we are watching a movie with a guy who is trying to establish a new world beneath the sea, a big guy who bites people and through chains with metal teeth and a car that can go under water, so you need to suspend your disbelief during certain parts of this movie. Maybe the woman saved Bond because he is a very passionate kisser. There is another villain in this movie, who is one of my favorite Bond villains and is one of the most classic and well known bond villains, named Jaws. Jaws is a huge guy with great strength allowing him to pick up large bricks and the backs of vans, incredible endurance that allows him to survive being buried under rocks, hit by a car, knocked off of a train, crashing through the roof of a house with a car and escaping Stromberg’s under water fortress when it is blown up. He also has metal teeth that allows him to kill people with a bite to the neck, bite through chains, bite through boards and kill a shark in a fight. He is one of the few villains who will make a reappearance in Moonraker, which takes a much screwier stance on Jaws’ character.

The theme song for this movie is highly forgettable. I actually remember the sailor song that plays for fifteen seconds at the end of the movie better than I remember the main theme song, which is kind of sad.

Some of the settings for this movie are interesting such as the deserts of Egypt, the ship that captures the submarines and Stromberg’s creative, impressive under water fortress. Stromberg has all kinds of secret ways to kill people on his under water fortress such as an elevator that opens with the push of a button and causes people to fall into a shark pit. It also has a long, powerful gun under his dining room table. Unfortunately for Stromberg it takes a long time for the bullet in the gun to reach its target who has to be sitting just in the right spot at the end of the table to be shot. Stromberg’s weapons are cool and deadly, but unpractical because you would have to be dumb enough to be standing in the middle of the elevator or sitting at the end of the table in order for the weapons to work.

James Bond does not get any gadgets in this movie. However, he does get one of his most memorable cars ever along with his remote controlled car and invisible car in a couple of the Pierce Brosnan Bond movies. The car is able to go under water, which allows Bond to escape a helicopter that is shooting at him with a machine gun and destroy the helicopter with a rocket that he shoots straight upwards, yet another weapon in this movie that I see having very little use but Bond does manage to make use of it. Bond then takes down a couple of scuba divers who shoot missiles at him and an under water ship. The car eventually springs a leak when it is hit by an explosion and Bond has to drive it onto a beach, which amusingly surprises a bunch of people.

This movie has great action and one of my favorite villains, Jaws, which puts it at my fifth favorite Bond movie on my list of top ten Bond movies ever.