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Stryper was a Christian glam metal group during the 1980s. They were the first Christian rock group to be successful with mainstream audiences. They took Van Halen’s kind of music and added a Christian influence to it. They would go to concerts with death metal fans and throw Bibles to them. They were disliked by people on both sides for being too controversial for Christians and too Christian for metal fans. However, they ended up being one of the most successful Christian metal groups ever.

Despite what I might say and do sometimes, I am a Christian. I actually plan on blogging about the Bible next year. There is not a lot of Christian music that I like particularly when it comes to Christian rock. However, I do like Stryper for being one of the few really good Christian groups out there than can also rock. During the 1980s they were kind of like Joan Jett in that they were somebody you would not expect to rock, only instead of being a woman they were Christians, but they made some good music and did not care what other people thought of them.