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Sean Connery plays Bond in probably his best Bond movie and one of the best Bond movies period.

Goldfinger is about a man named Goldfinger, thus the name of the movie, who plans to break into Fort Knox with a laser gun and some tear gas. Instead of stealing the gold, though, he plans on having the gold inside of the fort radiated so that people will not be able to use it for fifty eight years and the price of his gold will go up. It’s a pretty crazy scheme as Bond points out. How one man plans on killing forty one thousand people, detonating a nuclear device and getting rid of the gold in Fort Knox is pretty incredible.

This movie is much more plot and character development than the action that is much more frequent in certain other Bond movies. However, there are some good action scenes such as Bond fighting a man at the beginning of the move who tries to kill him. The criminal hits Bond with a chair and punches him several times, but Bond eventually manages to throw the criminal into a bath tub and electrocute him. Afterwards Bond has one of his trade mark one liners, “Shocking. Awfully shocking.” Not only does Bond kick ass like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he also delivers the same kind of dry humored one liners after he wins a fight. There are other action scenes such James Bond being chased in his car and ejecting somebody from the car with the classic ejector seat. The device is kind of ridiculous, but it is used for comedic effect somewhat. Forty years later the car would be used again in Skyfall and Daniel Craig would amusingly threaten to eject M. Goldfinger attempts to rob Fort Knox by gassing everybody in the fort. However, Sean Connery having a judo match with Pussy Galore in a barn leads him to being able to change her heart about things. She changes the gas so that it is harmless and the soldiers take down Goldfinger’s men when they are in the fort. Sean Connery has a great fight against one of his toughest opponents and best Bond villains, Oddjob, while the clock is ticking away on a bomb. Goldfinger who manages to escape the fort then attempts to have his revenge against Bond for foiling his plans but in a great fight on boards the plane Bond manages to defeat Goldfinger and escape the plane. My dad found it ridiculous that Bond would be able to parachute out of a falling jet, but I reminded him that more ridiculous things have happened in other movies such as Arnold hanging from the side of a jet in Eraser while trying not to be sucked into the turbines and not only jumping out of the jet but also shooting the jet while it is flying towards him. My dad did think that was a good action scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger, though, and Goldfinger had the common sense not to show the ridiculous part when Bond actually jumps out of the plane.

Sean Connery has some trade mark one liners such as “Shocking.” when he has defeated a criminal by electrocuting them in a bath tub when they try to kill him. He also jokes about Goldfinger going to see the president and getting a promotion when Goldfinger gets the drop on Bond in the plane.

The suspense is when Bond once again is racing against a clock to save the day. A bomb is about to go off in Fort Knox and Bond has to defeat Oddjob and tries to stop the bomb in time that will surely kill him off if he does not stop it in time. Fortunately, somebody from the bomb disposal squad shows up to stop the bomb.

Felix Leiter makes one of his appearances as a classic Bond ally in this movie. He is with the men when they stop Goldfinger and his men from trying to blow up the bomb in Fort Knox. He is also a contact man for Bond during the movie.

There are a couple of highly disposable women in this movie, the Masterson sisters. Jill Masterson works for Goldfinger is killed off by Oddjob when Bond gets the better of her and causes Goldfinger to lose a considerable amount of money at cards when he is hustling cards. Jill is covered in gold paint, which leads to a classic Bond kill in a movie. Also, I think Jill has the honor of being the first Bond girl to be killed off in one of Bond’s movies. Later on Jill’s sister named Tilly tries to have revenge for her sister against Goldfinger by shooting at him and trying to shoot somebody again later. However, she misses the first time and almost hits Bond on accident. Later she is caught by Bond and accidentally activates the alarm, which alerts the villains to Bond’s presence and Bond ends up being captured. The third and final Bond woman in this movie is certainly the best. She is a decently influential Bond woman because she is the first Bond woman in the Bond movie series who seems to be somewhat independent. She puts up a good fight against Bond in a hay barn. She can also fly a plane well. Stronger Bond girls such as Wai Lin, who was in a movie I have already covered in this list, Tracy, who was in another great Bond movie, and Pam Bouvier who is in a movie I will be delighted to review tomorrow will be stronger than Pussy Galore. However, Pussy Galore is a good step in the right direction with the Bond women, even if she has one of the worst names along with Agent XXX in the entire Bond movie series.

Goldfinger is your typical boss villain with a big idea to make some money. He is assisted by one of the most memorable Bond villains ever, though, named Oddjob. Oddjob is a mute, Asian man who is big, strong, tough and has a hat that can be thrown, cut through things and kill people. He is many classic moments in the Bond movie series such as covering Jill Masterson in gold paint, killing Tilly Masterson with his hat, cutting the head off a statue with the same hat, crushing a golf ball with his bare hand, which shows off his great strength, and has one of the best fights against Bond at the end of the movie in Fort Knox.

The theme song for this movie is great just like everything else in this movie. It is one of only two Bond movies along with License To Kill that I think satisfies me on every single level that I appreciate in a Bond movie, the song, the woman, the villain and the action. I actually reviewed the theme song for this Bond movie just yesterday as my fourth favorite out of my top ten. It has some great vocals and horn work. It is one of the most classic Bond theme songs.

The best setting in this movie is Fort Knox. i have seen very few movies that have taken place in Fort Knox. I feel like one of the incredible parts about this movie is that it might have actually taken place in Fort Knox because it looks legitimate. The room with the gold was probably made up for the movie, but the rest of it looks legitimate. This is incredible because I can imagine if this was actually Fort Knox in the movie it would take a lot of security and red tape to have the movie filmed in it. Pretty cool. Not to mention the fact that this is the quintessential bank to rob. Goldfinger isn’t just robbing any bank. He’s robbing flipping Fort Knox and trying to as he puts it perform a miracle in the area of crime because crime is the only thing that has not been largely successful yet.

James Bond gets not one but two tracking devices in this movie, which are not very memorable but do seem to be very useful. He also gets a pretty awesome car that will make a reappearance in Skyfall, another Bond movie I have already reviewed. It is equipped with everything you could ask for in a classic Bond car, machine guns mounted on the front, rotating license plates that are good in every country, an oil slick, a smoke screen and the classic, highly humorous ejector seat. This is not a car to miss with all of its cool features. Bond drives it around Goldfinger’s base while taking down villains and is humorously shot at by an elderly woman guarding the gate who uses a machine gun.

What else could I say to finish up my assessment of Goldfinger except that it is an absolute, bona fide classic in the action/spy genre. It’s great. Everybody should see it. My parents love it. I love it. My cat would probably love it if it could find out what was going on, after all there is a pussy in the movie. If you’re in the mood for classic, Sean Connery Bond look no further than this.