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The acting in License To Kill is fantastic. Timothy Dalton, Carey Lowell and Robert Davi all do great jobs as Bond, the Bond woman and the Bond villain.

A criminal named Franz Sanchez has been arrested by James Bond and Felix Leiter. However, he escapes and has his revenge against Felix Leiter by killing Felix Leiter’s wife and having Felix Leiter’s legs bitten off by a shark. James Bond then sets out for revenge against Franz Sanchez. Along the way he meets up with a woman named Pam Bouvier who is working for the CIA, and they bring down Franz Sanchez together. The plot for License To Kill is similar to the plot for Raw Deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger. A friend of the main character’s is badly injured or killed off and the hero infiltrates the gang and tears it apart from the inside for revenge.

The action in this movie is great. Rarely do you see James Bond so ready to bring down the villains because this time it is for personal revenge. James Bond will not let anybody stand in the way of his revenge. He tears through the villains like Arnold Schwarzenegger does in Raw Deal or Commando. The opening action scene is James Bond and Felix Leiter capturing Franz Sanchez. However, Franz Sanchez soon escapes and has his revenge against Felix Leiter. Sanchez’s revenge against Felix Leiter causes James Bond to go after Sanchez for his own revenge, though. James Bond goes to a marine area that is dealing in drugs and takes down a few men with various aquatic animals including the man who had betrayed Felix Leiter and helped Franz Sanchez to escape. He knocks the man named Killiver into a shark pool with the suitcase full of money that was used to pay off Killiver. James Bond then has another one of his friends killed off and has revenge against the criminals on their boat called the Wavekrest. He is discovered and chased, but he manages to escape in a sea plane. He then meets up with Pam Bouvier in a bar and they have a fight against Dario, who is Sanchez’s right hand man, and some other criminals before they escape again. Bond tries to assassinate Sanchez, which fails, and then they go to Sanchez’s main base of operations to take him and all the other criminals down with a great truck chase. There are a couple of action scenes in this movie that really stand out to me. The bar fight is short but great because it is the first time we get to see Pam Bouvier. Both she and Bond are packing with a hand gun and shotgun. Then Dario goes over to them and Pam Bouvier points a shot gun into his crotch. However, Dario just smiles over this with a really creepy smile that shows he is actually getting a kick out of it. There is some good music in the bar and James Bond and Pam Bouvier manage to defeat some villains. The truck chase at the end is really good, too, because James Bond takes down several trucks without too much effort. Also Pam Bouvier flies around in an airplane. It is well scripted. James Bond and Pam Bouvier take down all but one of the trucks without too much effort, until Franz Sanchez manages to shoot Pam’s airplane out of the sky and send James Bond flying across the truck. James Bond and Franz Sanchez both take a tumble down a cliff on the last truck before Bond can finally have his revenge against Sanchez.

This is a very dark movie and Timothy Dalton was not known as a humorous Bond. However, there was some humor in License To Kill to lighten the mood. Bond has some great character chemistry with Pam Bouvier when they are joking around with each other and giving each other a hard time. Also, Q comes along for the ride, which leads to some extra humor that you usually get from Q. I particularly found scenes such as when Pam crashes the boat into the harbor as a distraction and almost frying Q and James Bond with a laser from a camera to be pretty humorous.

There were some pretty intense parts in this movie such as when Felix Leiter is being tortured with the shark or when James Bond discovers Felix’s dead wife that add some considerable tension to the movie.

Q plays a much larger part than usual in this movie. He gives James Bond some gadgets such as a sniper rifle with a palm print that recognizes his hand alone and will only work for him. Q also gives James Bond a bomb to blow up a window, so that he can attempt to assassinate Franz Sanchez. James Bond takes down Franz Sanchez in the opening scene with Felix Leiter who is quickly taken out of the story when he has his legs bitten off by a shark. James Bond attempts to avenge Felix with another friend of his named Sharky. However, Sharky is quickly killed off. James Bond makes sure to avenge Sharky, too, though, by shooting the guy who had killed Sharky with a harpoon.

There are two women in this Bond movie. One of them is named Lupe Lamora and she is with the villain. She falls in love with James Bond and tries to help him. She ends up being freed from Sanchez when the villain is killed at the end of the movie. She is decently attractive. However, the Bond woman in this movie who clearly over shadows Lupe and… is my personal favorite Bond woman of all time is Pam Bouvier. Pam Bouvier is incredibly attractive. She looks good in pretty much anything, particularly the dress she wears in the casino. She actually gets a couple of humorous looks from James Bond. When Pam changes her appearance to shorter hair she actually gets a double take from Bond due to how attractive she is. She has a great, fun, sarcastic personality. I love the part when she tricks Joe Butcher into taking her into his private sanctuary. When she pulls a gun on him and later steals the money back from him, Joe Butcher says, “Bless your heart.” I’m sure he speaks on behalf of all of us. She’s tough and competent. She is able to fly a plane and helps Bond in a bar fight and during the truck chase scene when she takes down some criminals with some dust from the crop dusting plane.

The two criminals are great in this movie, too. Franz Sanchez is one of the few people who manages to hurt Bond personally. Instead of killing off Bond’s wife, though, he badly injures Bond’s good friend. Despite pissing off James Bond and doing such terrible things to a couple of people, sometimes Sanchez actually ends up stealing the scene with how incredibly charismatic the guy is. He’s one of the few criminals who actually keeps his word to people he works with. He pays off Killiver, even though Krest thinks that he is a loose end. Dario, the guy who works for Sanchez as his right hand man, is pretty creepy and slimy. His smile when Pam points a shot gun at him is pretty creepy. His accent sounds like the way your stereotypical drug dealer would sound, slimy.

The song for this movie is one of my favorite Bond theme songs. It is very dramatic and dark but works well. It has great horns and guitar. Furthermore it shows exactly how the movie is going to be with its feel. I heard that Eric Clapton was at one time supposed to play the theme song for this movie on guitar. He did not end up doing it, but if he had I can imagine this already great song would have been even better.

The base is actually one of the cooler looking villain bases in a James Bond movie. It doesn’t look corny or unrealistic, but it is still quite a lay out. The outside looks like a temple, but the inside is a drug factory with a shredder that almost kills James bond but Dario falls into it instead.

James Bond does not get a tricked out car in this movie. However, he does get a couple of gadgets to attempt taking down Sanchez with such as a sniper rifle that only recognizes his hand and a bomb that he uses to blow up a window. Bond’s assassination attempt does not work, though, and for the rest of the movie he does not really use that many gadgets.

This movie is fantastic. Many people do not like this movie because of how dark it is, but it definitely has one of the better, more dramatic plots. The villains are great, the Bond woman is great, the theme song is great, the action is great such as the truck chase and bar fight and the acting from Timothy Dalton, Carey Lowell and Robert Davi as Sanchez is all top notch.