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Pierce Brosnan is the actor for this Bond movie.

Ten years ago James Bond and 006 have a mission together with taking down a Russian base. 006 is apparently killed off and James Bond makes his escape. Now ten years later a couple of people have stolen a satellite that can shut down electronics and James Bond has to stop them. James Bond encounters his old ally, 006, who is not actually dead so much as he has faked his death and has become a traitor who is trying to have his revenge for the deaths of his parents and make a lot of money. James Bond is assisted by one of only two people who managed to escape the control center where the Goldeneye key was stolen from.

The action in this movie is good. The opening scene has James Bond and 006 take down a Russian base together. Then a couple of people steal the Goldeneye key for a satellite in outer space that can cause electronics to fail and explode. James Bond sets out after them but is quickly knocked unconscious by a tranquilizer dart when he confronts 006 and is captured by the Russians. However, he makes his escape with Natalya and Natalya is recaptured but Bond tries to get her back with a chase in a tank and takes down the train that 006 and his group are in to save Natalya. Bond and Natalya escape being blown up in the train, have a fight with Xenia Onatopp and have their final confrontation with 006.

One of my dad’s favorite lines in a James Bond movie is in this movie. When James bond is attacked by Xenia Onatopp and defeats her by shooting down a helicopter she is attached to and having her crushed against a tree, bond quips, “She always did enjoy a good squeeze.” One of my best friend’s favorite bond lines is also in this movie. When James Bond and Q are talking in Q’s lab, Bond picks up a sandwich after somebody goes blasting out of a chair. Q says, “Don’t touch that! That’s my lunch.” This movie definitely has some humorous moments that will amuse you, your friends and family.

There is a very suspenseful part when Bond and Natalya are trapped on a train that is about to blow up. James Bond has only sixty seconds to burn a hole in the floor with his watch for them to escape before the train blows up. Natalya tries to track Boris, but is unclear about the exact area Boris is in because he has his computer disconnected.

James Bond is helped by a newer CIA agent named Wade, who has a real sense of humor. Wade gives Bond some information he needs, qhich leads Bond to somebody who can give him information on Janus. The person who gives Bond the information is a criminal named Valentine who would go on to play a much bigger part in The World Is Not Enough.

There are a few Bond women in this movie. Although she isn’t what most people would consider a “Bond girl”, Judi Dench makes her first appearance as M in this movie. Xenia Onatopp is a villain who kills people with her legs and seems to have a fettish for killing but is actually pretty sexy. Natalya Simonova is the main Bond girl in this movie. She is a computer programmer who survives through a couple of dangerous instances such as when the control center is attacked and shot by the Goldeneye. She helps to bring down the Goldeneye satellite and save James bond when James bond is about to be knocked off of the control tower by 006.

There are a good number of notable villains in this movie. First off there is the Russian general who is a traitor named Ourumov. He helps to steal the Goldeneye satellite and ends up killing the defense minister named Mishkin to keep Mishkin quiet. Later on he is holding Natalya hostage, but Bond kills him with the powerful RCP 90. Boris is a computer programmer who works at the control center with Natalya and the Goldeneye key. He is in charge of controlling the Goldeneye satellite. There is a woman named Xenia Onatopp who is skilled with guns and in hand to hand combat. She seems to enjoy killing with fettish for it. What’s even more creepy is she kills some of her victims by squeezing them to death with her thighs. One of my favorite Bond villains is 006. He’s basically the same kind of agent as 007 with the same kinds of abilities and training, which makes him maybe the best opponent for James Bond to fight ever.

The song for this movie is kind of forgettable. I actually ended up skipping past it during the opening credits.

Most of this movie takes place in Russia. Despite Xenia saying Russia is now a new place, this might be one of the biggest Bond movies with fighting against Russia. There is also an interesting under water base in South America where 006 is controlling the Goldeneye satellite.

Bond gets a nice car in this movie with some weapons. However, in one of the strangest incidences I have ever seen in a Bond movie he gets a car with weapons that he does not actually ever use in a chase scene or take down some villains. Actually the only vehicle he uses in a chase scene was a tank that he uses to chase after Natalya and Ourumov, plow through Russia and stop a train. Maybe there was originally supposed to be a chase scene with the car, but they did not end up having one. He does get a couple of great gadgets, though, such as an exploding pen that he uses to blow up part of 006’s base. They would joke in Skyfall about how they don’t use this weapon anymore. He also has a belt that shoots out a cable and allows him to escape the Russian prison where his being held. It can only hold one person according to Q, so maybe it was convenient that Natalya was captured when she was. Bond also uses one of my favorite guns in the Bond franchise for a short time to take down Ourumov, the classic RCP 90. Those of you who have played the classic Goldeneye video game on the Nintendo 64 like I have will probably remember that this gun kicked a whole lot of ass in the video game with its eighty shots and rapid fire.

Goldeneye is my favorite Bond movie, and a good movie to end my Bond count down on. James Bond was played by six different actors so far; Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. They each offered something different to the Bond character. Connery was the classic, first Bond that many people will always associate with Bond, Lazenby showed a character depth to Bond that few other Bond actors had, Roger Moore was highly amusing as Bond, Pierce Brosnan was fun and light hearted, Timothy Dalton was one of my personal favorites because he did well with the women and kicked a lot of ass and Daniel Craig, the newest Bond, might not be my favorite Bond but I think he is doing a fine job as Bond as well with a couple of good Bond movies to his name. While there were bad Bond movies made by most of the Bond actors, there were also really good ones made by each of them, and I don’t think you could go wrong with any of them. Next time I will reviewing my ten favorite movies from another action hero who is more of a western hero. He is more of a down to earth hero who sometimes goes by the name of the Duke. Until the next time I would like to say, “Ciao”.