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My last summer vacation is coming to a close. It was a great one. I went to concerts, got together with friends and blogged two hundred forty articles while gaining thirty six followers, each of which I greatly appreciate I might add. However, even though people with school might be going back to school soon, I have a top ten list that might help us to all get through it. I wanted this list to appeal to everybody no matter whether you are in school or working because age exclusive songs like Edge of Seventeen by Fleetwood Mac can make some people feel old, so there are songs about both school and work on this list.

10. The Big Weekend by Tom Petty: Many of us will be looking forward to and working towards our first big weekend when we come back to school again.

9. Be True To Your School by the Beach Boys: Even if you don’t like your school, i don’t think it would hurt to show some school spirit now and then. Even I do it sometimes.

8. School Days by Joan Jett: Even if you don’t like school, appreciate those days you have in school while you still can because believe me when I say they will be over in a blur.

7. Money Talks by AC/DC: Some music performers like to sing about how being part of the machine is such a terrible thing, but the funny thing is we all have to eat and guess what? They make money, too, in the music machine.

6. Take the Money and Run by Steve Miller Band: This song could actually be good to have while you go back to school or work for a couple of reasons. It is a song about making or taking money, which is what school and work is all about, besides of course pursuing your greatest passions like I am with things such as this blog. However, it is also great for people who are in cross country at their colleges and high schools. I remember when I was back in high school and running for cross country, this is when I would start going back to practices again. Good luck, runners, and check out my top twenty running songs if you want to.

5. School’s Out by Alice Cooper: The best song ever for waiting for the great time during school when the weekend, vacation, holiday, snow day or even graduation arrives.

4. Working Man by Rush: One of the best songs about working. It’s gender specific and seven minutes long, but with some great guitar this song can entertain me from start to finish.

3. Blue Collar Man by Styx: Another gender specific song, but a great, down to earth song about blue collar work. I’ve worked a full time blue collar job, which is why I went back to college again, and I can tell you those people deserve songs such as this one because blue collar work is tough.

2. Working For the Weekend by Loverboy: This song is a little corny, but it’s a classic song about working towards everybody’s favorite time, the weekend. This is a song that pretty much anybody can relate to, which also makes it great.

1. Taking Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive: There was a Simpsons episode when the Simpsons were at a fair and Homer requested that Bachman Turner Overdrive play this song twice while he twirled his shirt above his head. Homer had a good reason to do so because this is the best song I can think of about work or school and waiting for your next break or pay check.

I hope you enjoyed this list, and I would like to wish you all the best of luck with whatever your endeavors might be.