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God created the earth and everything on it in the beginning of time for our dimension including birds, plants and people. Then God rested from all of the work he had done because creating the universe is more exhausting than any forty hour job week and also made woman so men would not be lonely. There was a tree in the Garden of Eden where the man and woman were that they were not supposed to eat from but they were tricked by a snake into eating fruit from the tree and were banished from the garden by God because of it, which is when sin and suffering entered this world. Adam and Eve had two sons, one of which named Cain killed his brother named Abel because they both offered offerings to God, but God liked Abel’s sacrifice more because he’s more into meat than vegetables as am I. After Cain and Abel, there was a lot of birthing and dying including a man named Enoch who went with God into heaven without dying, lucky guy, and another lucky guy named Methusaleh who lived to the be oldest man ever at nine hundred and sixty nine years old.

These first five chapters cover a lot of ground. We find out that God created the entire universe in seven days. We have our first sin with Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, which brings our world into sin and suffering. This sin and suffering is seen again when the first chronicled murder occurs with Cain killing Abel. God has mercy on Cain, which leads to Cain living in another area. We now have the set up for what happens with Noah and the ark with Noah being born and giving birth to three sons. Next time we will find out more about Noah.