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It’s been a while since I posted anything on my blog besides the top twenty lists for favorite death metal songs and favorite horror movies for Halloween. Now that I am officially done with college I will be getting back into things again, which some of you I hope are glad to hear. However, I won’t be talking about rock and roll so much anymore because with one hundred and fifty articles on that topic alone it kind of exhausted itself. Now I will be talking about a slightly different topic, that of the Bible.

Now that people aren’t cramming Christian ideas in my face anymore, I am going to read the entire Bible in order, blog my thoughts on every five chapters I read per day and hopefully both you, my blog followers, and I will be able to learn something important from it. If you think the Bible is boring but want to continue reading my articles anyway, I will also start talking about top ten lists for other things, particularly anime, something I haven’t covered with my blog yet what with talking about rock and roll and great action and western movies instead. If you’re interested in the bible follow along with me, and if you’re not go ahead and read my top ten lists I will be making. I for one am very eager to blog again, so let’s get started right now.