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All of the people’s of the earth came together as one for the only time ever and built a tall tower called Babel, but God saw that humanity was becoming too proud and had them all become different people’s with different languages, so that they could no longer combine forces against him. Abraham, who was originally named Abram, traveled with his wife named Sarai, and he told the pharoah of Egypt that Sarai was actually his sister, but the pharoah found out about it and sent them on their way. Abram was traveling with his brother named Lot who went into a bad land called Sodom and was captured but rescued by Abram when Abram found out about it. This was something that happened to Lot in Sodom before the incident with the sulfur, and apparently he went back to that area again later because he didn’t learn his lesson the first time. God formed a covenant with Abram that Abram would have many descendants and this incident led to Abram being renamed Abraham, which means “father of many”.