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Isaac, like his father before him, pretended that his wife, Rebekah, was actually his sister when he was traveling past a Philistine society, but the Philistines found out about it when they caught Isaac groping her, rebuked him for it and sent him on his way. This was only the first of several mistakes Isaac made when he next accidentally blesses Jacob instead of Esau because Jacob tricked him with fake hair on his arms and Isaac was blind. This causes Esau to want to kill Jacob because Jacob has taken the birth right Esau kind of deserves, despite giving Jacob the birth right for some stew already, away from him and Jacob flees into the wilderness to escape his brother’s wrath. Jacob, the deceiver, ends up being deceived ironically when he works seven years for the wrong woman named Leah and then has to work another seven years for the right woman named Rachel. He lay with both of the women because he didn’t want either of them to be excluded, such a gentleman, and their servants, too, and they gave birth together to a total of eleven sons so far with Joshua as the most recent one.