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The first book of the Bible because the book is divided actually into several dozen different books with different names is called Genesis. Ironically, there is also a progressive rock music group from the 1980s that is quite popular, known by most people who have any inkling for classic rock and roll and has the same name as the first book of the Bible, Genesis.

Now as to why this is I’m not quite sure despite knowing a good deal about Genesis. Maybe it had something to do with a dividing line between two different music phases, that of the classic rock from the 1970s and early 1980s and the new wave, prog and metal of the rest of the 1980s. Genesis was very influential prog group for many future prog groups to come along with Rush, so maybe they called themselves Genesis, or the beginning, because they were paving the way for prog rock.

Anyway, they have made several songs I like such as this one called Land of Confusion. Back in Bible with countries constantly taking over each other there was a lot of confusion, particularly Israel, which has been tossed around like a hot potato by many different countries, even recently with Palastine and Germany. There was no land in the Bible that defines the Land of Confusion quite like Israel.