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Jacob had worked for Labaan for twenty years and had gotten two of Labaan’s daughters and many of his flock for his work, but he realized that he was no longer look on with favor by Labaan, so he took off with all of his family and possessions. Labaan pursued him and over took him because Rachel had stolen some idols from him but he was unable to find them because Rachel was sitting on them, so he allowed Jacob and his family and possessions to go on their merry way. Jacob and Esau reunite and Jacob who was expecting Esau to still be upset with him for stealing his birth right brings many gifts for Esau with him, but Esau to Jacob’s surprise welcomed Jacob with open arms. A daughter of Jacob and Leah named Dinah was raped by a prince named Shechem and Shechem asked for his Jacob’s family to trade with him and his town, but Jacob’s sons trick the townspeople and Shechem into circumcising themselves, so that they could kill them with the sword when they were weakened and have their revenge for Dinah’s rape. Jacob finally returned to Bethel and shortly afterwards Benjamin was born, Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin and Isaac passed away.