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Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob, was treated the best by Jacob out of any of his brothers and had dreams that his entire family would bow down before him, which led to his brothers becoming jealous of him and throwing him into a pit. they were originally going to kill him, but Joseph’s oldest brother named Ruben persuaded his brothers to spare Joseph’s life and throw him into a pit instead, so that Ruben could retrieve his brother from the pit later on. However, while Ruben was gone the other brothers had lunch and sold Joseph to a passing caravan headed for Egypt. Joseph become a top servant in the house of Potiphar and all was well until Potiphar’s wife tried to sleep with Joseph and framed him for her attempted rape, which led to Potiphar becoming so angry that he had Joseph thrown into prison. Joseph was in the same cell with two other people who work for the king, a cup bearer and a baker, and interpreted both of their dreams, which led to one of them being executed and the other one being restored to his previous position.