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Top Ten Favorite Animated GuysL #9 Jaden Yuki from GX

Some people like him and some people hate his guts. He’s not my favorite but I personally think he deserves some props. Jaden was a duelist at Duelist Academy in the Slifer Red dorm. During the course of the series he fights many different villains from the Shadow Riders to the society of light. He is also a notorious slacker when it comes to academics, kind of similar to Homer, my number ten pick on this list, in that aspect, actually.

Despite how many people look down on him for being a slacker and no matter how tough the villains are that he goes up against, he never seems to lose his confident spirit. He has lost before. He lost once against Zane, once against Kaibaman and once against Aster Phoenix, which led to him temporarily not being able to see his cards or duel, but every single loss he has recovered from and moved on with the same confident attitude. He is also incredibly upbeat. He ‘s always encouraging other people, showing people the best in themselves and cracking jokes, which gives him a solid number nine on the list as one of the nerdiest picks to make a top ten list of mine.