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Moses gave pharoah a final warning about the final plague, but pharoah did not heed Moses’ warning, so Moses had all of the Israelites smear blood on their doors to keep the final plague at bay, and the final plague wiped out every first born son that belonged to the peoples of Egypt. The plague was so terrible that pharoah had had enough and he finally let the Jewish people go. The Jewish people were led by a smoke cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night until they reached the Red Sea, which blocked their path. When the Egyptians saw that the Jews had been blocked by the Red Sea, they pursued them in their chariots and the Jews rebuked God and Moses for leading them to their apparent death because they were afraid. However, with the power of God on his side, Moses parted the waters of the Red Sea, so that the Jewish people could go through it and the Egyptians who pursued them through the Red Sea became stuck and were washed over by the Red Sea killing them all.