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The Jews did not have enough food while they traveled in the desert, so they had Moses pray for food for them and food was sent from heaven in the form of manna, a type of bread, and quail, a type of you bird you could roast and eat. They also became thirsty, so God had Moses strike a rock with his staff to bring water from it in the form of a geyser. However, Moses had become angry with the lack of faith from the Jews and struck the rock too hard angering God and God kept Moses from ever enjoying the promised land because of it. Moses went up into Mount Sinai to get the ten commandments from God, which covered everything from not murdering to not committing adultery. An interesting thing to take note of is that envy is the only one of the seven deadly sins that is listed as something not to do by one of the ten commandments, which means that this must have been one of the worst of the seven deadly sins, since the ten commandments along with the two golden rules were the most important rules God ever established.