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Top Ten Favorite Animated Guys: #7 Sven Vollfied from Black Cat

Sven was a bounty hunter in Black Cat who caught criminals for money but always seemed to have trouble paying his bills.

Sven is a funny character, not as funny as Homer at number ten on my list, but funny none the less with his over the top reactions sometimes. He likes to think of himself as a gentleman but is mostly concerned with making his next buck. Probably the most memorable parts about this character who played second fiddle to Train Heartnet are his tools that he uses to catch criminals. He has a brief case loaded with weapons such as guns, nets and rockets and of all things a propellor that allows him to fly around sometimes. He also has a fore seeing eye, which is pretty cool, that he got from his partner before Train who died and left him the eye to use to spot trouble in the future.