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Moses spent a long time on Mount Sinai having God tell him things besides just the ten commandments. Many times we don’t remember that God had many other instructions on Mount Sinai for Moses besides just the ten commandments, and the reason for this I think is so far none of the other stuff seems to be relevant to us. Some of the laws concerning slavery, restitution and the covenant have been made obsolete by our newer laws, but back then they were the basis of the Jews’ legal system and helped to set up the religion for the Jews. Also, the guidelines concerning the temple are important because they are the basis for how the Jews built their church. While many of these rules and guidelines are irrelevant to us now, they do provide us some good insight into how the Jews did their justice and religious systems, and they show us how the people could’ve rebelled during the time Moses spent on the mountain because making a golden calf takes time to do.