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Nickelback is currently one of the most infamous music groups in the business. Just two years ago many people signed a petition to not have Nickelback play at the half time show for the Thanksgiving football game. Some of Nickelback’s negative reputation might be deserved but some of the greatest music groups such as the Rolling Stones and Motley Crue didn’t have the best people in them because they were groups that liked to live on the edge. Some people criticize Nickelback for being lazy and having all of their songs sound the same. Maybe that’s true. I couldn’t tell you one way or the other because I don’t listen to them that much but ruling them off completely I think is a mistake because they have at least three great songs to offer to those people who would be open minded enough to listen to some of them. Maybe you could become receptive for a short time and see if you like these songs for yourself.

Rock Star: Some people criticize this song for being incredibly self centered, poorly performed or for being too negative about the music industry. First off the rock and roll genre is definitely about decadence. Some of our greatest metal groups from the 1980s were all about living the high life like what is sung about in this song. Second off Rock Star does have a bare bones sound compared to a lot of the other music today, which features a prominent, produced pop sheen, but the way they strip away all of the excess and  give it a raw, gritty sound is pretty good. Third off some of what is criticized in this song is definitely deserved. Some people have pushed boundaries too far with sex, drugs and rock and roll and Nickelback while maybe harping on this same concept with too many of their songs, does provide some accountability with this song.

Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting: Some people would flip out if they found out that this song was a cover of a big hit by Elton John. I think Nickelback actually provides a good, alternative, more rocking take on the song by Elton John, though. I was a big fan of the original Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting when I first heard this song, and actually thought this song was just as good. For a while it was one of my favorite songs.

Burn It To the Ground: This song might be your generic rocker but it really rocks, and it does have some fun lyrics.