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Top Ten Favorite Animated Guys: #6 Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel is another classic anime character who drives the fans wild. He used to work for a syndicate, but after a love triangle, which in my opinion was the weakest part of the series cause Julia really isn’t all that, he decided to be a bounty hunter in space instead. Space. Yay…

Spike is an interesting, in depth character with an interesting back story. Through out the series he collects bounties but like Sven Vollified never seems to make too much money because of all the damage he causes. He is trying to escape from his past, but he is doomed to inevitably face off against his arch nemesis in a battle that leads to a conclusion fans have been arguing for years. Was it really Spike’s last fight or is there more to this character that we have yet to see for ourselves?