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Top Ten Favorite Animated Guys: #2 The Question from Justice League

Question is a conspiracy theorist and super hero who works for the justice league. I use the term super hero loosely when referring to the Question because he’s basically just a detective with no face who likes to ask questions. However, that doesn’t make him any less cool. Even if he can’t hold his own against some of the other people in the league, it is his investigatory skills that allow the Justice League to figure out what Luthor is planning.

The Question does have a few abilities that make him a great character. For one thing he is incredibly intelligent and is usually able to think a few steps ahead of other people. He has tricks up his sleeve like Urahara and the best poker face I’ve ever seen. Ha, you see what I did there. He has a great relationship with the super cool Huntress, one of my favorite animated females, who will be featured on the top ten female list I will start next week. There is a touching scene when they take down the killer of Huntress’ father together and Huntress takes him off camera to explore uncharted territory. Black Canary can keep her opinions to herself, for all I care. The Question is generally disliked and mistrusted by most of the league, even Batman, for being tight wound, but that doesn’t make him any less important because he is the one who finds out from Luthor’s files about his plan to get the super heroes to destroy the planet.