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I’ve criticized Styx a lot recently on another media page of mine about how much I dislike Come Sail Away, so I decided to make it up to all those people who decided to defend the song they liked by compiling a list of my personal ten favorite songs by Styx.

10. Lady: A nice soft song about a woman.

9. Lorelei: A hard rocking song about wanting to live with a woman featuring the catchy yet controversial chorus, “Lorelei, let’s live together!”

8. Best of Times: An upbeat song with a great chorus.

7. Miss America: A hard rocking song about a woman. This song could either be complimentary or sarcastic because it’s about a good woman, but the woman seems a little full of herself.

6. Rocking the Paradise: A good rocking rock and roll anthem. Not one of the more popular rock and roll anthems, but a good one none the less.

5. Renegade: A great rocker about a guy who is on the run. Similar to Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas, another popular 1970s arena rock song with a similar message. Even highly polished 1970s arena rockers liked to live on the edge once in a while.

4. Too Much Time On My Hands: A great song to describe certain parts of my life. When I’m not in college or working a job, I sometimes feel like I’ve got to much time on my hands. This could be an ode for some to move out of their mom’s basement. I have a room upstairs. Thank you.

3. Fooling Yourself: Another good song for me to relate to. When you’re feeling down and out, you could listen to this song and then maybe not feel so bad.

2. Grand Illusion: Another encouraging song. You might sometimes think that other people have it better than you because the grass is always greener on the other side, but when you take a closer look they might not be much better off than you are.

1. Blue Collar Man: One of the best working man’s anthems of all time.

Styx is your typical pop rock group in that they have a handful of songs I like and a handful of songs I dislike. A couple other songs I don’t like are the goofy Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto and absolute pop sell out, Babe.