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Top Ten Favorite Animated Guys: #1 Garfield Logan (Alias Beast Boy) from Teen Titans

Beast Boy is a super hero for the Teen Titans, a show that was huge back in my day, and can change into any animal he wants. This comes in quite useful because he can become a strong gorilla, fast cheetah, bird with the ability to fly, fish with the ability to swim or one of many other animals and dinosaurs.

Beast Boy is a funny character because he has great powers but with his rather low amount of maturity and apparent intelligence, one time another hero from the same team named Raven wondered aloud if he actually had a brain at all, he makes many mistakes and is the butt monkey of many jokes. However, he is also a very determined character. He never lets other people’s low amount of faith in him get him down and he will definitely pull through for the team when he needs to. He also provides the team with a lot of good humor and is the optimism of the team along with Starfire, never allowing himself to get too down in the dumps with a few exceptions.