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Yet again we focus on some rules in the Bible during this part, but this time I was actually paying attention when I read about the rules and have more to say about these things than just they were boring and I hope for something better soon. These rules were easier to follow and understand than some of the previous ones were such as all that talk about an ephod, which I still don’t know what that thing is because I’ve never heard of it before. There is a lot of discussion of cleanness versus uncleanness during this part such as certain animals can be eaten and others can’t be eaten, there is a purification of women after child birth due to all the blood, which I agree is a good idea because that kind of thing can get very messy indeed, and how to handle the uncleanness of leprosy and lepers. We also have an entire chapter devoted to bodily discharges, which I know you’ll all just love to hear about, such as how a guy who emits is unclean and a woman he emits into is unclean. Also, women when they bleed are unclean.