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Top Ten Favorite Animated Females: #9 Aisha Clan Clan From Outlaw Star

Aisha Clan Clan is a half woman and half cat alien. She claims to be a strong leader of the cat people known as Ctarls Ctarls, but many times she ends up screwing up until she is on her own and decides to tag along with Gene Starwind instead.

Aisha is constantly making mistakes and freaking out about something, which makes her a pretty comical, amusing character. Despite all the mistakes she makes, though, she never gives up or lets her spirits get down. She’s always confident that she will succeed soon and always keeps trying to do good things for the Ctarls Ctarls. She really seems to care about her friends, particularly Jim Hawking whom she looks upon as a sort of younger brother. She is also very powerful. Not only does she have enhanced abilities from being part cat, but she also is able to transform into a cat, which makes her even stronger. One time she fights in a combat tournament for women and wins the tournament, which shows how powerful she is.