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Top Ten Favorite Female Animated Characters: #7 The Women of Bleach

This one was an interesting choice because I knew one female character from Bleach would end up on the list, but I never could make up my mind on which one I wanted to represent the rest, so instead I decided to have all of them because… why not?

If there is one thing Bleach has always been able to do very well it’s blatant fan service. I mean just look at the line up. Bleach basically took the whole idea of fan service and blew it so out of proportion David Lee Roth decided to stay home for the evening. No wonder it appeals so much to teenagers and college students.

Here’s my top five for the Bleach women in no particular order
1. Rukia Kuchiki (far left): She was the main female protagonist in the series. She gave Ichigo his powers, so he could defeat a hollow monster when she was injured, but this resulted in her almost being executed in soul society for committing a crime. Ichigo then spends the first sixty episodes of the series trying to save her. Rukia is great because she’s all business, but she has times when she can be funny, too, such as her obsession for a rabbit named Chappy and the bwahaha laugh from episode ten, which never gets old.

2. Yoruichi Shihouin (fourth from the left): Yoruichi is a close friend of Urahara’s and she was the one who with extreme training of her own trained Ichigo on how to use his bankai. She is a good character because she is upbeat and never takes things too seriously. This is probably because she’s so incredibly powerful. Not only is she super fast but is also able to defeat many ninjas at the same time during her fight with Soi Fon with what appeared to be a blast of energy. She is good at hand to hand combat and can turn into a cat.

3. Yachiru (not in picture): Yachiru is Kenpachi’s second in command and most trusted subordinate who is always riding around on his shoulder and giving him the wrong directions on where to go. For some strange reason Kenpachi trusts her to direct them through the city when neither of them has a clue where they’re going. Not only is she funny and cute as a little kid, but she shouldn’t be screwed with either. She usually doesn’t fight, but she has demonstrated that she is capable of great power, and even if you did defeat her you would be out of the frying pan and into the fire.

4. Kiyone Kotetsu (fourth from right): Kiyone is a trusted support of Ukitake and is always competing against Sentaro for Ukitake’s attention, so that she can get the lieutenant seat for herself, which as of right now has a vacancy from Shiba getting killed off. She is funny because she’s always getting drunk and screwing around. She’s incredibly easy going and relaxed with herself most of the time like a typical tomboy would be, but whenever she is with Ukitake she is incredibly loyal and always tries to make him happy, the perfect follower to have around.

5. Tatsuki Arisawa (not in picture): Tatsuki is the only one out of these five characters who is a regular human. However, she can also take care of herself. She competed in a women’s martial arts tournament for Japan during which time she took second place and probably would’ve taken first if she hadn’t injured her arm in a fight versus a hollow during the beginning of the series. She always looks out for Orohime and protects her, kind of like Jo’s relationship with Meg from Burst Angel. If somebody screws with Orohime or Meg, Tatsuki or Jo will make sure there is hell to pay.