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Top Ten Animated Female Characters: #7 Rushuna Tendo From Grenadier

Rushuna is a wandering gun slinger who looks for hot springs and pacifies people into submission. She learned everything she knows from a woman who later seems to want her dead. She travels with a bounty on her head and many bounty hunters go after her while trying to collect the bounty, but none of them are able to get her.

Rushuna is a very kind, young girl who basically just wants the best for everybody and believes that you can solve most problems with kindness and a smile. She’ll only use violence if she has to, but she has a no kill policy so most of the time she will just take down opponents by shooting them in a non vital area or pacifying them into submission with probably one of the biggest fan service moves ever, hugging them tightly against her bosom also known as her large breasts.

She is quite a good woman with a six shooter. She can shoot from far away with incredible accuracy and shoot and reload quickly while using another great fan service move, using bullets she keeps between her breasts to reload her gun while spinning around. Despite having people chase after her and not really knowing why, she’s incredibly upbeat and usually is content with just some food and a nice hot spring to bath in for even more fan service.