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This is a great way to finish up my week for blogging. ^_^ The Real Folk Blues was the ending theme song for probably one of the biggest animes during the 1990s. While it is not one of my personal favorite animes, I do have some considerable respect for Cowboy Bebop and know some people who absolutely love the show. It’s also a great first anime along with Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and Rurouni Kenshin for you to get your friends or family to watch, if they’re interested in checking out anime for themselves.

The Real Folk Blues itself is a deep, bluesy song with a lot of emotion. It’s very melancholy, but for people who like to brood or take themselves really seriously it’s probably one of the best anime theme songs there is. It’s incredibly inflective. Even the pictures are all in deep shades of blue with a flower in a puddle at the end. It’s some deep stuff worth smoking over.