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Top Ten Favorite Animated Women: #5 Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Riza Hawkeye was a sniper for the military during the Ishval rebellion and continued working for the military as Col. Roy Mustang’s second in command. She has a dog named Black Hayate.

Riza Hawkeye is a very loyal second in command. She can always be counted on to cover Mustang’s back when he needs it and even keeps him out of trouble sometimes when his brash nature can get the better of him. Sometimes Mustang will try to use his powers when he’s wet, which renders his fire abilities useless and Hawkeye has to step in to cover for him. She keeps Mustang on the right track when sometimes he can become too dark or aggressive. One great example of her loyalty to Mustang is when she shot the ever loving crap out of Lust when she thought that Lust had killed Mustang early on in the series.

She’s also incredibly powerful both with a sniper rifle and with hand guns. She’s probably the best character in the anime with a gun. Her accuracy with a sniper rifle is great and she can shoot several hand guns very quickly. She’s demonstrated her excellent shooting abilities when taking on Barry the Butcher, who falls in love with her, Gluttony and Lust along with other villains.