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10. Luv XXX from Music From Another Dimension: This rocker starts out with an interesting intro and is about making sweet love three times a day.

9. Eat the Rich from Get a Grip: This rocker is about rising up against the rich people.

8. Love In An Elevator from Pump: This rocker is about making love in an elevator.

7. Ragdoll from Permanent Vacation: This is a sexy song. Does anybody want a second helping of that pie?

6. Monkey On My Back from Pump: This rocker is about drug addiction, something Aerosmith struggled with a lot during the late 1970s.

5. Dude Looks Like a Lady from Permanent Vacation: This rocker is about androgynous people during the 1980s. It’s actually inspired by Motley Crue because Motley Crue dressed up in the feminine glam metal style and used the word, “dude”, a lot.

4. The Other Side from Pump: This rocker is about getting it on, something Aerosmith made a lot of songs about.

3. Mama Kin from Aerosmith: This rocker is one of the first really great songs Aerosmith made and is one of several songs along with Live and Let Die and Knocking On Heaven’s Door that was covered by Guns and Roses. Like it is most of the time, though, the original version of this song by Aerosmith is the best version in my opinion.

2. Back In the Saddle from Rocks: This rocker is a nice double entendre for cowboys and a whorehouse.

1. Same Old Song and Dance from Get Your Wings: This rocker unlike most of the other songs on this list is actually about working from day to day and is great for the working man and people in school, who have to put up with the same old song and dance.