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Top Ten Favorite Animated Women: #4 Huntress from Justice League

Huntress was a super heroine for the Justice League until she was fired for trying to kill Mandragora for killing her parents when she was a child. She grew up in a mafia family.

Huntress is not one of the stronger heroes in the League because she is an ordinary human, but she does have some good abilities and she’s definitely stronger than the average woman. She has good martial arts abilities, is quite the gymnast and is able to use a crossbow with high efficiency.

She is an interesting character because she’s one of the few heroes in the League with a revenge vendetta, which leads to her being more aggressive than other members of the League. Her parents being killed off and her wanting to find the killer definitely gives her one of the more interesting back stories.

She also has a nice relationship with the Question after he helps her to bring down Mandragora. The part when Question admits how he feels and she shows her appreciation is one of my ten favorite scenes in Justice League, and I’m usually not a big fan of romance scenes. They make for quite the comical couple because Huntress is always trying to get Question’s attention when he’s much more focused on his conspiracy theories and trying to stop Cadmus working for Luthor.