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Top Ten Animated Women: #3 Jo Carpenter from Burst Angel

Jo Carpenter is a bounty hunter who works with several other women to take down criminals. Some monsters show up in Japan for the first time and Jo starts to take them down with her dual Desert Eagles and mecha bot named Django. She’s actually a biogenetically created super weapon, but she does not find this out until later because she has developed amnesia. She has a close friendship with Meg.

Jo is a strong character. Since she was created as a super weapon she has better abilities than the average woman. She is highly skilled with using dual Desert Eagles at the same time, which gives her great fire power. If her enhanced abilities and guns aren’t enough, she also has a mecha bot for back up.

Not only is she powerful, she also is pretty caring for other people. She’s incredibly loyal to her friends such as Meg, Sei, Amy and Takane. She has pulled through for them on many occasions when they’re in trouble or in a fight. She would go through hell fire to save Meg and has saved her from being captured on many occasions. One of the things that bothers Jo the most is those who prey on weaker people such as kids like Shirley. In Burst Angel Infinity, she and Meg set out to have revenge on the criminal who hurt Shirley.

She’s a tomboy and demonstrates tomboyish traits on many occasions. Some of her favorite things to do are fight, watch horror movies and work on weapons and her mecha bot. Despite being a tomboy, though, who is highly skilled at fighting, due to the fact that for a good while she was kept at a facility, she doesn’t really know that much about the outside world and can be very naive. This leads to an incredibly endearing combination of strength and childlike curiosity. Jo just all around is a fantastic character and is worthy of the best kind of review I could write.

I’ve also included some AMVs (Animated Music Videos) For some strange reason people on Youtube think this character goes really well with Saliva songs. Maybe it’s all the drool involved, I don’t know for sure.