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10. Delirious from Afterburner: A rocker about getting into trouble.

9. Woke Up With Wood from Afterburner: A rocker about starting off the morning in an epic fashion.

8. Pearl Necklace from El Loco: A funny song about jewelry among other things.

7. Tush from Fandango: A bluesy song about looking for some action.

6. Legs from Eliminator: A frenetic song about some of the sexiest parts of a woman.

5. Cheap Sunglasses from Deguello: A bluesy song about sunglasses.

4. Just Got Paid from Rio Grande Mud: ZZ Top’s first really big single. although other good songs came before it, and a great song for the working man about getting paid on Friday.

3. Planet of Women from Afterburner: A great rocker about a planet of entirely women also known as the promised land full of milk and honey.

2. Give Me All of Your Loving from Eliminator: A great sexy rocker about making sweet love.

1. Sharp Dressed Man from Eliminator: A great song for a guy’s night out on the town and what probably could’ve been ZZ Top’s theme song since they have their own fashion with cheap sunglasses, long beards and big hats.