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I know absolutely nothing about professional sports, although I did run track and cross country through out all of junior high and high school. As much as I like to exercise, I don’t really care to watch sports. The last Super Bowl I rooted for the Seahawks because I had a bird for a mascot when I was in high school and college. I just have other things I’m more interested in like rock and roll, anime, movies and blogging.

So saying this athlete, Kate Hansen, is my new favorite athlete not only is completely impulsive, it also has absolutely nothing to do with her athletic ability. I just liked the way she danced at the Olympics like so many other people. She will be replacing Abby Wambach who I came to like a couple of years ago because of a commercial she was in. I watched her win the gold during the Olympics summer of 2012 and congratulate her on getting married to another woman of all things. What a crazy world we live in… ^_^

However, I don’t like to stick with one thing for too long, so it’s out with Abby and in with Kate, who not only has the benefit of being much closer to my age but also is straight. To watch her sweet dance moves, just watch the video I have linked to this small article.