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Top Ten Favorite Animated Women: #2 Major Kusanagi from Ghost In the Shell

Major Kusanagi is a cyborg in Japan in the year 2030. She’s also the field leader for section 9, which is a police unit that focuses on cyber terrorists and immigration issues.

Kusanagi is a highly efficient leader for section 9, but she can also be down to earth and relatable with the other people in the group. She has a strong sense of justice and is always obeying her orders as well as she can. She’s very strong because she is a cyborg, which gives her much higher physical abilities than most women.

Major Kusanagi is one of the main reasons why I started watching anime in the first place. I found this character on Ghost In the Shell late at night several years ago and started to like the character pretty quickly. It led to me watching Ghost In the Shell as my first anime, which also led to me watching other animes after that.