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I think it’s pretty safe to say that one of the best compilation albums of all time was 10 From 6 by Bad Company, even if it didn’t have anything from Burning Sky on there, which means it really should’ve been called 10 From 5 instead. However, since Burning Sky was considered one of their weakest albums anyway, we can look past that.

After all, that compilation album alone was what led me from kind of liking some of their songs to thinking their first five albums is one of the most consistent bodys of music I’ve ever heard from an artist, so it’s no wonder that almost every song on this top ten list can also be found on 10 From 6, except for ironically the main song from Burning Sky replacing the one song from Rough Diamonds, which I considered to be a much weaker album not in line with their 1970s albums.

10. Run With the Pack from Run With the Pack: A great running song, which demonstrates their basic approach.

9. Burning Sky from Burning Sky: A great rocker with an interesting opening and interesting atmosphere.

8. Live For the Music from Running With the Pack: A great rock and roll anthem.

7. Shooting Star from Straight Shooter: A great story about somebody who becomes a rock and roll star.

6. Feel Like Making Love from Straight Shooter: A very romantic, sexy song, which will also be featured on my top twenty favorite songs about love for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

5. Ready For Love from Bad Company: A great rocker about looking for love. I love the dry, dusty feel of this song that Bad Company did so well.

4. Moving On from Bad Company: A great rocker about moving between different phases of life and different towns.

3. Rock and Roll Fantasy from Desolation Angels: One of the best rock and roll anthems ever.

2. Can’t Get Enough from Bad Company: A great rocker about romance.

1. Bad Company from Bad Company: This song could be considered Bad Company’s theme song not only because it’s called Bad Company and is about the band in the lyrics, but also because this song represents the definitive sound of Bad Company, mid tempo and ominous.