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Top Ten Favorite Animated Women: #1 Rachael Roth (alias Raven) from Teen Titans

Now there’s a familiar face from the past. Like Jo, some of my close friends and family during high school knew I had a lot of appreciation for this character. Raven was a super hero for the Teen Titans with psychic powers. She was the most reserved member of the group but also in my opinion along with many other people’s opinions the most interesting character.

Raven was definitely the strongest member of the Teen Titans. Sometimes she would not fight as well as the others but that is because like Superman, she had to restrain herself to keep herself from going out of control or doing too much damage. She had incredibly powerful psychic powers that were capable of taking down large opponents. She had flight, shields, energy blasts and could move things with her mind. She was also incredibly intelligent and a great strategist. Many times she would out smart her opponents, which would lead to her getting the edge over them and defeating them.

Raven along with Beast Boy was one of the funniest members of the team, not because of laugh out loud humor or trying to be a clown, so much as having a great dry sense of humor, particularly when encountering great threats. It was sort of her coping mechanism.

Her back story is also interesting. She was the daughter of a demon who planned to use her to take over the world. However, she proved how strong and optimistic she actually was by not giving in to her father and instead fighting against him to save the world and the entire galaxy from Trigon and his demons. Many other animated women such as Jo and Major Kusanagi will come and go, but Raven will probably always be the definitive one for me, and that’s what puts her at number one on the list.