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Top Ten Favorite Animated Villains: #10 Creed Diskenth from Black Cat

Not only is Creed a pretty crappy contemporary rock group, it’s also a villain from Black Cat. Creed is in charge of a group known as Apostles of the Star and their two biggest ambitions are making Train Creed’s apprentice because Creed is obsessed with Train and of course world domination.

Creed is a pretty brutal guy. Early on in the series he brutally murders Saya, a girl who Train likes, because he believes that she is making Train soft and Creed wants Train to be strong and deadly. Creed should be careful what he wishes for because once he kills Saya for the rest of the series he establishes a major revenge vendetta with Train. Creed is also obsessed with Train because in Creed’s opinion Train is the strongest and they are two of a kind, who together are destined to rule the world. It’s kind of creepy how obsessed Creed is with Train because it almost borders on homosexual stalking. Anyway Creed is one pretty screwed up guy.