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Top Ten Favorite Animated Villains: #9 Team Rocket from Pokemon

Team Rocket were the notoriously inept villains from Pokemon. They were always trying to catch rare Pokemon such as Pikachu but with little success. Team Rocket is comprised of three individuals, the guy named James who uses a Koffing, the woman named Jessie who uses an Ekans and Meowth, their talking cat Pokemon.

Despite being incredibly inept there are a couple of reasons why Team Rocket make for such great villains in my opinion. They are probably some of the most persevering villains ever. They always come up with some creative new idea to steal Pokemon and always end up failing, but they never give up and always try to later on again. In a weird way they’re actually quite inspiring because no matter how many times you might fail at something all you’ll have to do is think about their failures and perseverance and it’ll make you want to try again.