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Considering everything after Bon Jovi’s big break with his third album called Slippery When Wet I don’t really like that much, this list will focus entirely on my ten favorite songs from his first three albums. Some people who criticize Bon Jovi because all they know is his new music and his three biggest songs that get played to death on the radio might actually end up liking him more because some of his older songs on this list that nobody remembers were pretty epic.

10. I Don’t Want To Fall To the Fire from 7800 Fahrenheit: A rocker that is quintessential 1980s and has an interesting drum beat. You can just imagine the fog machines billowing during this song.

9. Secret Dreams from 7800 Fahrenheit: 7800 Fahrenheit was probably my favorite album by Bon Jovi and it’s an album that many people have either forgotten or consider Bon Jovi’s weakest album. It had an incredibly interesting, deep, nocturnal sound to it and Secret Dreams is one of many great examples of that sound from the album.

8. Tokyo Road from 7800 Fahrenheit: A great rocker with an interesting music box opening and lyrics about Japan.

7. In and Out of Love from 7800 Fahrenheit: One of the big singles from the album and one of the few songs still played occasionally by Bon Jovi from 7800 Fahrenheit.

6. Let It Rock from Slippery When Wet: A great rock and roll anthem.

5. Get Ready from Bon Jovi: A fast paced, energetic rocker that used to actually be one of my favorite songs. I find this song very inspiring for doing something exciting.

4. Runaway from Bon Jovi: The biggest hit from Bon Jovi’s first album occasionally played on the radio but not to death like his biggest three songs.

3. Living On a Prayer from Slippery When Wet: Even though this song is played to death, it originally is a pretty good song the first few times you hear it with its upbeat, inspirational message and driving synthesizers.

2. Wanted Dead or Alive from Slippery When Wet: A great western song that hasn’t become quite as worn out as Living On a Prayer.

1. You Give Love a Bad Name from Slippery When Wet: Even though this song is played just as much as numbers two and three on my list, this sexy rocker with a sleazily good guitar riff never gets old.

Runners up would be Roulette, Burning For Love, Break Out, Come Back, King of the Mountain and Always Run To You. Those are all great songs as well that have remained in obscurity for a long time but at least I have listened to them and enjoyed them for several years now.