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10. Slang from Slang: An upbeat rocker.

9. Paper Sun from Euphoria: An angsty rocker.

8. She’s Too Tough from Retroactive: A great anthem for women.

7. Wasted from On Through the Night: A really rocking song about alcoholism, which ironically would lead to Steve Clark’s death later on.

6. Let It Go from High and Dry: A sexy song with a killer riff about getting it on.

5. Rocket from Hysteria: A long, interesting song about outer space.

4. Armageddon It from Hysteria: A song with an interesting title about getting it.

3. Pour Some Sugar On Me from Hysteria: Another sexy rocker about getting it on.

2. Fooling from Pyromania: An angsty rocker about having problems in a relationship.

1. Rock of Ages from Pyromania: One of the best rock and roll anthems.