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Top Ten Favorite Animated Villains: #7 The Homunculi from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

The homunculi were a group of villains made in Full Metal Alchemist with philosopher’s stones. They worked for the main villain known as the dwarf in the flask, although one of the villains named Greed started out for himself and was later punished for his betrayal. A couple of times the homunculi would actually be remade such as Ling becoming the second Greed. I really like the homunculi because of their interesting abilities based off of whatever sin they represent. There are seven homunculi because there are seven deadly sins.

Wrath (far left) is probably one of the most diabolical homunculi because of how many people he kills. He kills one of my favorite chimeras brutally when Alphonse is trying to protect them early on in the series and it only gets worse from there on.

Gluttony (second from the left) is definitely one of the more amusing homunculi because he is always hungry and is kind of like the dark version of Pooh Bear.

Lust (on top of Gluttony) is definitely the sexiest of all the homunculi. She is pretty diabolical as well because early on in the series she badly injures both Mustang and one of his main subordinates. Riza Hawkeye thinks that Lust has killed off Mustang and shoots the ever loving crap out of Lust, but Lust almost gets the upper hand until Mustang finishes her off as the first homunculi to be killed off.

Sloth (behind Gluttony and Lust) definitely has the least personality out of the homunculi because most of the time he finds it to be too much trouble to say or do anything. He is by far the last seen homunculi in the series, not being first revealed until the middle of the anime, but he is also by far the most powerful with not only incredibly great strength made obvious by his large size but also his incredible speed. He is one of the few villains in the series who actually manages to give the powerful Olivier Armstrong a hard time.

Pride (right of Lust) is the most twerpish character in the series. He is very prideful and very annoying while he scoffs at anybody who might come across his path. He also diabolically confronts Riza Hawkeye in a tense scene. Pride should keep his shadow tentacles to himself, the little dweeb, when he’s messing with one of my favorite female animated characters, poor woman.

Envy (second from the right) is definitely one of my favorite homunculi because not only do they represent one of the sins I struggle with the most, which makes them very relatable, I also kind of like their personality. Envy likes to mock people and screw around with people, but this gets the better of her when they finally bring out the dark side in Mustang, a pretty creepy scene.

Greed (far right) is another of my favorite homunculi because of how amusing he is. He’s not nearly as evil as the homunculi and fights for both the heroes and protagonists. He’s just out for himself, but is also incredibly charismatic. He has two different versions with his renegade first version getting killed off pretty quickly until his next version shows up in Ling.