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Due to the fact that like some other groups such as Living Colour and Boston, Guns and Roses’ first album called Appetite For Destruction started them out so well but shortly after that they ended up going down hill, more than half of the songs on this list will be from the incredible Appetite For Destruction.

10. Locomotive from Use Your Illusion 2: My favorite long song from Guns and Roses. Some of Guns and Roses’ long songs such as Civil War and Break Down bore me to death, but Locomotive is rocking enough to maintain my interest despite being eight minutes long.

9. Mama Kin from GNR Lies: I’m pretty sure Aerosmith was one of the influences for Guns and Roses like they were for many other hard rock and metal groups and this is a good cover of an Aerosmith song as an homage to one of the Guns and Roses’ influences.

8. Live and Let Die from Use Your Illusion 1: Covering a Wings song for Guns and Roses might be kind of surprising for some people but this song was pretty rocking when it came from Wings for the Live and Let Die Bond film and it’s brought back to life in full force a decade later by Guns and Roses, who also made this original hit song another hit.

7. Rocket Queen from Appetite For Destruction: The first song of half the Appetite For Destruction album to make it onto my top ten list. Despite being on the longer and sleazier side, it’s quite good as a rocker despite its somewhat awkward guitar solo that might have gone just a little too far with a groupie’s added vocals.

6. Night Train from Appetite For Destruction: A really rocking song about one of Guns and Roses’ favorite things, cheap alcohol.

5. Mr. Brownstone from Appetite For Destruction: A really rocking song about another one of Guns and Roses’ favorite things during their hey day, plenty of drugs.

4. You Could Be Mine from Appetite For Destruction: A really rocking song with some great vocals from Axl Roses that show he was truly one of the best vocalists around during the 1980s and a great music video with footage from Terminator 2, which was a great movie as well.

3. Sweet Child of Mine from Appetite For Destruction: A six minute long power ballad that revolved around a practice guitar riff established by Slash and with no clear ending, thus the “Where do we go now?” lyrics.

2. Welcome to the Jungle from Appetite For Destruction: Appetite For Destruction really roared out of the starting gate with this rocker, which is considered by many people including VH1 magazine to be the best hard rock song of all time, even ahead of other choices such as Paranoid.

1. Paradise City from Appetite For Destruction: My personal favorite song of all time with a great build up, great middle of the song guitar solo and a finale that explodes all over the place.