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Ten of the best songs from Vince Neil (speed devil) Mick Mars (the creepiest guy in all of Hollywood) Nikki Sixx (the ultimate smart ass) and Tommy Lee (the quintessential bro).

10. Too Young To Fall In Love from Shout At the Devil: A rocker about youthful romance. Go out and knock them dead, kids, while you still can.

9. Saints of Los Angeles from Saints of Los Angeles: A rocker about the streets of Los Angeles where most of the members of Motley Crue were street gang members at one time or another.

8. Live Wire from Too Fast For Love: A fast paced song, featured at the beginning of one of the Charlie’s Angels movies.

7. Shout At the Devil from Shout At the Devil: A somewhat controversial song that paid homage to the devil. Stryper made a parody of this song called To Hell With the Devil, but I like this version more, even if it does have controversial lyrics.

6. Too Fast For Love from Too Fast For Love: A rocker about a fast paced relationship or one night stand.

5. Looks That Kill from Shout At the Devil: A great anthem for women along with She’s Too Tough by Def Leppard.

4. Kickstart My Heart from Dr. Feelgood: A great rocker about how Nikki Sixx took a heroine over dose, was brought back to life by defibrillation and freaked out afterwards. This song was featured in a Kia car commercial during the Super Bowl spring of 2012, and the Kia car commercial is probably one of my favorite ones.

3. Smoking In the Boys Room from Theater of Pain: A rocker about smoking… in the boys room.

2. Girls, Girls, Girls from Girls, Girls, Girls: A sexy song with a message that’s kind of deep and hard to determine… Oh, yeah, it’s about girls. That’s right.

1. Dr. Feelgood from Dr. Feelgood: A heavy rocker about a drug dealer inspired by Nikki Sixx’s one year long addiction to heroine. After Nikki Sixx almost died he swore off the stuff for good and since then has done charity work for drug clinics. Aw, isn’t that nice?