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10. Road To Nowhere from No More Tears: The only ballad type song by Ozzy Osbourne that I actually like about how sometimes he feels lost in life. At times I have really connected with this song over the last couple of years. This song also has a great guitar solo with some southern influences.

9. I Don’t Want To Stop from Black Rain: The most recent song by Ozzy Osbourne that I really like. A great rocker with very heavy guitar.

8. Rock and Roll Rebel from Bark At the Moon: A great rock and roll anthem.

7. Desire from No More Tears: An inspiring rocker about going after what you want most.

6. Miracle Man from No Rest For the Wicked: A rocker about the controversial incident involving Jimmy Swaggart who had been a big critic of Ozzy Osbourne. Kind of the ultimate pay back song and a good example of how sometimes the person you should look out for is not the one you would most suspect.

5. Shot In the Dark from Ultimate Sin: An interesting rocker about heart break, not a typical Ozzy Osbourne song, but a great one.

4. Bark At the Moon from Bark At the Moon: An atmospheric rocker about werewolves kind of like the music Ozzy Osbourne made with Randy Rhoades with its emphasis on atmosphere more than anything else.

3. Over the Mountain from Diary of a Madman: A great rocker about drugs, one of Ozzy Osbourne’s favorite things, which unfortunately, recently seems to have turned him into a bumbler.

2. Flying High Again from Diary of a Madman: You know Ozzy Osbourne loves his drugs when two of the biggest songs from one of his biggest albums are both about the same thing.

1. Crazy Train from Blizzard of Oz: At certain times such as when Ozzy Osbourne was fired from Black Sabbath for alcoholism and losing Randy Rhoades to a plane crash, Ozzy Osbourne must have definitely felt like both his career and life were riding the crazy train.