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We cover more rules with this section of Deuteronomy, yes, we’re back to that again, when I talk about how boring most of what I just read was, although I sometimes feel these are actually my most amusing blog posts about the Bible. Just because you’re a Christian and read the Bible, that doesn’t mean you have to like everything that is actually in the Bible. There are many parts of the Bible discussing slavery as an O.K. thing to do and how women should be completely subservient to men.

I did find one interesting thing in this part of the Bible, though, about how if a woman was unfaithful and went against God you would stone them to death. This would explain the story in the New Testament about how a group of people wanted to stone a woman to death for being promiscuous until Jesus stepped in and saved her.

They were just doing what had been commanded in the Old Testament, and this difference is a great example of how the Bible moved from the judgement in the Old Testament to the grace in the New Testament. God realized he could not punish people nearly as severely because they would inevitably make mistakes.