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Top Ten Favorite Animated Villains: #5 Knives from Trigun

Knives was the villain from Trigun and Vash’s brother. During the course of the series, Knives tries to bring the killer out of a protagonist who had sworn not to kill, kind of similar to the villain at number four on my list, who I will also be discussing today, if that is any hint.

Knives could very easily take over a large part of the planet he is on with his own abilities as well as the abilities of the people who work for him. However, instead of being content with the simple task of world domination like certain other anime villains, he decides to test his arch nemesis of Vash and see whether he can get what he wants from Vash. In this case he actually succeeds, which I find surprising.

Like I said before, he is also very powerful, possessing the same abilities as Vash with his regeneration process of a plant and his expert uses of weapons. He has his own angel arm cannon to combat against Vash.