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Billy Squier was a great 1980s hard rock star. He had one great classic album called Don’t Say No with most of his best songs all on the same album. He followed it up with another album featuring one of his five best songs called Everybody Wants You. However, after that he quickly became irrelevant because his next album had the music video for Rock Me Tonight, which kind of ruined his career because people thought he was as flamboyant as Freddie Mercury.

10. What Do You Want From Me?: A somewhat disillusioned song.

9. You Know What I Like: A suggestive song.

8. She Goes Down: A sexy song.

7. Angry: A song about how Billy Squier is pissed off. Considering what he had to go through with his Rock Me Tonight music video and the after math, which led to a decline in his career I’d say this occasionally abrasive and brooding rock star deserves some leniency with being upset.

6. Big Beat: One of the best rock and roll anthems.

5. Everybody Wants You: A rocking song with a great chorus and fast moving guitar.

4. My Kind of Lover: A romantic song with a great drum beat during the solo. Some of Billy Squier’s music was well known and sampled by rap artists actually because of the drums. Billy Squier too some inspiration from Led Zeppelin’s heavy drums in that respect, although I don’t think he copied Led Zeppelin’s sound nearly as much as some people think he did.

3. In the Dark: A wonderfully dark, brooding and abrasive song about darkness. It has a great intro, some pretty tricky guitar and a great chorus.

2. The Stroke: A sexy song with another one of the Billy Squier’s great drum beats.

1. Lonely Is the Night: Even though this is considered only Billy Squier’s fifth best song, I consider it my favorite one by him and it’s the song that first got me interested in Billy Squier. It’s kind of a melancholy song about loneliness but it also has some hope to it because it also discusses how all you have to do to avoid your loneliness is go out your door and you’ll probably find somebody meaningful who is just as lonely as you are.