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Bryan Adams was a solo music performer during the 1980s a lot like Billy Squier with several good 1980s pop rock songs. He had one great album called Reckless with many of his best songs all on the same album. Unlike Billy Squier, though, he did not burn out and fade away because of a bad music video. He has continued to have a good album career since then and made the sound track for a Disney movie called Spirit of the Cimarron, showing even today he is somewhat culturally relevant.

10. There Will Never Be Another Tonight: A song with a good chorus.

9. Remember: A nostalgic song.

8. This Time: A rocking, upbeat song.

7. Can’t Stop This Thing We Started: Definitely one of Bryan Adams’ bigger hits. A good song about going with the flow.

6. Kids Want To Rock: A pretty good rock and roll anthem along the same lines as Big Beat by Billy Squier.

5. Heat of the Night: Some of the best songs Bryan Adams ever made were quintessential 1980s pop songs such as this one that make you imagine the fog machines.

4. Somebody: A song with a great meaning about how everybody needs either a friend, lover or both, similar to Lonely Is the Night by Billy Squier because the song is calling out for somebody to hear them and pay attention to them.

3. Summer of 69: A funny song with a double meaning title. People still debate today sometimes about whether Bryan Adams meant he liked the summer of Woodstock or whether he liked that one other thing.

2. Cuts Like a Knife: A long, emotional, abrasive song with a great guitar solo about a break up or maybe somebody who was cheating on him, relationship difficulties basically.

1. Run To You: An emotional song with one of my favorite guitar solos ever about running to the one who you love.